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5 Secrets About Parramatta Criminal Defence Lawyers


There are many different sectors of the law, one of which is criminal. This sector of law revolves around clients and cases that have been accused of serious misdeeds, such as murder. The legal professionals that represent these clients are known as Parramatta criminal defence lawyers. With so many legal TV programs, it is easy to get swept up in assumptions about what is actually involved in the Parramatta criminal defence lawyers. But what is actually the truth? Keep reading to find out five secrets about the best Parramatta criminal defence lawyers and their work.


Secret 1: Bonding with clients is important

Parramatta criminal defence lawyers are the legal professionals that deal with clients that have been accused of serious misdeeds that could potentially land them life in prison. However, it is the job of the attorney to argue the clients case and get the best possible outcome for them. As a result of this, it is actually quite important to develop a good professional relationship and bond with the client. Although this sounds like a difficult task, considering what the client is potentially being accused of, finding a way to bond with the client is more important than you might think. So how do attorney’s bond with such clients? Well many legal professionals have claimed that the best way to develop a good relationship is through relating to the defendant as a human being, and not just a criminal. It’s important to note that by ensuring there is a bond between client and legal practitioner, the case is greatly helped.


Secret 2: Attorney’s don’t let personal feelings get involved

Although it is important to develop a professional relationship with a client, Parramatta criminal defence lawyers don’t allow their personal feelings to get involved and impact the case. When it comes to this sector of the law, it is clear that legal professionals will encounter people who have committed terrible offenses. Despite this, these people do still have rights, one of which is the right to a legal professional who can argue their case. However, just because an attorney is pleading the innocence of someone, it does not mean they agree with what the client has done. Regardless of this, the legal practitioner has a job to do, and they can’t let their opinions have an effect on the case. Therefore, it is very important for any attorney to not let their personal feelings, opinions or views get involved. Instead, they must stay impartial and do their job to the best of their ability.


Secret 3: Trials don’t move as fast as you’re lead to believe

One of the main parts of a Parramatta criminal defence lawyer case is the trial. In fact, it is the thought of a high pressure, high stakes trial is what attracts many legal professionals to this particular sector of the law. Despite this, trials are not what they appear to be on legal drama TV programs; the trial process is actually much slower and much more boring than you are lead to believe. The trial portion of a case is only a small part of the entire process; much of the case actually revolves around paperwork, finding information and speaking to potential witnesses. Furthermore, the trial itself is relatively boring. The majority of trials are completed within three to five days, but some can continue over weeks and months. This process can be draining for both the legal professional, and the client.


Secret 4: Legal professionals get hate mail

In some situations, Parramatta criminal defence lawyers represent high profile clients, and as a result of this, the case itself becomes high profile. Oftentimes, the public don’t understand that any person accused of illegal actions and sent to trial is allowed the right to legal aid. What the public also fail to realize is that these legal professionals are simply doing their jobs, and don’t necessarily agree with what their client has been accused of doing. Representing a client in a public case can be good for the legal professional as it highlights their skills; however, it can also be risky for them. In these situations, legal practitioners sometimes receive hate mail and other displays of contempt. It is important to remember that just because a legal professional is representing a suspected murderer; it does not mean they are pro murder. These professionals are simply doing their jobs.

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Secret 5: Public defenders get a bad reputation

As everyone is entitled to representation, some legal professionals choose to become a public defender. These are legal practitioners who work for the state, instead of for a legal firm. These attorneys have a bad reputation as many people believe they are less skilled than their colleagues who work for large legal firms. However, this is untrue; these Parramatta criminal defence lawyers are no less skilled or knowledgeable than any other legal professional.