It is not, however, simply what our team does that sets us apart but the manner in which we do it. Our firm handles personal injury cases with the knowledge and compassion that not only results in a full, fair, and reasonable settlement or verdict but also helps to restore our clients’ dignity. In short, our attorneys never lose sight of our clients’ best interests – today and in the long run.

Our client-focused approach has earned the Lynn Law Firm a reputation for integrity. It’s a reputation that underscores the respect that we’ve earned from insurance companies, the medical community, and even other law firms. It’s a reputation that the firm and its four attorneys have built in the courtrooms, judges chambers, and conference rooms across New York State.

Parties Confidental – Winning $100,000

Client and his wife were part of a bike tour from the top of a volcano in Hawaii. The client’s wife went off the edge of the road going down the volcano. She crashed and died. A claim was brought against the tour company after substantial investigation. The settlement included an agreement to destroy all of the DNA samples stored by the State. It was learned that the tour company was not licensed to run their business, and had other issues as well.