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Lawyer handling trademark registration in Australia

Importance Of Trademark Registration In Australia


What is a trademark? One would ask. It is a sign that is used to make a distinction of one’s goods and services rendered during trading between someone or a

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Moments When You Can Source a Traffic Lawyer in Melbourne


A traffic lawyer in Melbourne will be available for clients who are seeking representation following an incident on the road. From minor fines to serious criminal charges, there is a

Chicago’s GPS tracking rule violates Fourth Amendment property rights (and is super creepy)


Municipal Code of Chicago § 7-38-115(1) (GPS-tracking rule) requires the owners of food trucks operating within Chicago to attach GPS tracking devices to their vehicles as a condition of retaining

Lead paint, public nuisance, and the First Amendment


Prior to 1951, lead paint was lawfully sold and used in the interior of houses. This presented no problem at the time, but, as it ages and deteriorates, and as