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How Do Professionals Become The Top Family Lawyers in Sydney?


It can take decades for a legal practitioner to begin their journey until they reach the height of becoming one of the top family lawyers in Sydney.

This is an incredibly diverse and competitive field where operators wrestle for the upper hand to win damages and claim as many assets from opposing counsel as they can get their hands on.

Rather than examining which of the top family lawyers in Sydney has the killer instinct, there are some other core characteristics and features that points to excellence in this field.


Highlight Their Success Stories

Climbing the ladder to become one of the top family lawyers in Sydney is a challenge that takes years of action working quietly behind the scenes. However, there will be a time when that quiet work needs to become loud as the local Sydney constituents are made aware of the success stories. From sourcing restraining orders, winning child custody battles or winning key household income and assets during a divorce proceeding, these events need to be part of the portfolio of the firm. It might be viewed cynically as boasting or an exercise of inflating the ego, but clients will use these examples to determine whether or not they are suitable for their business.


Avoid Generic Marketing Jargon

The top family lawyers in Sydney all have one common characteristic – the ability to cut through generic marketing jargon and speak to people authentically. That might not always come across on a business card, a poster or television advert, but if are able to communicate unique qualities and talk directly to what constituents in the city need, then they are already at the top of the class. So much of the success attributed to solicitors can be put down to the art of persuasion and avoiding those generic sound bytes and clichés illustrates that they know what people are looking for – authenticity.


Respected By Sydney Legal Fraternity

Accolades and awards are nice complimentary pieces of recognition for solicitors in this field, but it is the respect of peers that truly defines the top family lawyers in Sydney. Outside of speaking to industry experts or representatives who are operating within this community, there are few avenues that outline if the lawyer fits this category. Peers who have the experience of seeing these specialists win cases and operating up close will be the best judges.


100% Transparent With Clientele

client talking to lawyers

The art of sugar coating might help solicitors in some environments, but it will not work for those who want to become the top family lawyers in Sydney. Being brutally honest and transparent with information, opinions and advice is the only course of action that delivers successful outcomes. It is when representatives fail to disclose key details and keep their cards close to the chest where problems eventually arise. Being open and honest during consultations is not just the right thing to do morally, but the best thing to do strategically.


Consistently Receive Quality Outcomes

This is a results-orientated business at the end of the day as the single greatest form of criteria that defines the top family lawyers in Sydney is their win-loss ratio. Of course a result is not always this black and white as a settlement agreement will be offered with shades of grey and be judged subjectively. Should the client walk away from the process satisfied at their representation and understand that they have won the battles that needed to be won and conceded what would have been lost, that is the best scenario for any spouse. What citizens should be gauging is their capacity to deliver on this benchmark consistently – irrespective of the time of year, the profile of the client or any other factor that could sway the ruling.