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Moments When You Can Source a Traffic Lawyer in Melbourne


A traffic lawyer in Melbourne will be available for clients who are seeking representation following an incident on the road.

From minor fines to serious criminal charges, there is a spectrum of various legal matters that will be presented to some reputable criminal lawyers in Melbourne and it will be up to the individual to decide if they wish to fight the case or not.

Often a speeding fine or a parking ticket is seen to be more than a nuisance for the recipient, but there are stronger financial penalties and charges that are regularly produced from traffic incidents.

If you are someone who feels as though you need legal representation following an incident on the road, but you’re unsure as to the procedures and costs, then it is important to take a step back and assess the situation.

Here we will outline some of the key examples that results in clients seeking a lawyer following a traffic offence.


Drink Driving

The legal limit for driving in Australia stands at 0.05% for a blood alcohol concentration (BAC), and 0.02% for provisional drivers. A traffic lawyer in Melbourne can only operate off that specific police report to judge whether an individual is worthy of a fine or a charge. There are some parameters whereby a driver can be pulled over and given a short amount of time to fall under the limit if they are close to the 0.05% range. There could be questions asked of faulty BAC readers in rare cases, but they rarely emerge. These roadside tests are fairly definitive.

drink driving


Parking Ticket

It is important to understand first and foremost whether a parking ticket notice has been issued by council to make it a legal notice, or whether it was from a private company. You should only engage a traffic lawyer in Melbourne if that is from the former. Tickets can be handed out for staying beyond the duration of a time period, for an illegal park that is not parallel to the curb or for parking in a zone that is not for visiting vehicles. The goal of the solicitor will be to either dismiss the ticket altogether or to reduce the penalty given the evidence of additional circumstances, such as a failure to issue correct signage.



Speeding cases can result in fines, charges and a loss of demerit points, or even a combination of all three. A traffic lawyer in Melbourne will need to understand the facts of the incident to examine whether or not the speed was minor or excessive, with a speed mark going above 30km/h of the speed limit resulting in the license being revoked.

Solicitors can fight on the grounds of a speed camera fault if the client believes that the infringement is not merited, and there have been some success stories in these instances. A number of speeding cases are often seen with provisional drivers exceeding their limitations, with learners (90 km/h), red provisional (90 km/h) and green provisional (100 km/h) driving under their own unique stipulations.


License Infringement

A traffic lawyer in Melbourne will be best positioned to understand if a license infringement has occurred. This will happen in the evident that a license has been revoked or suspended when the demerit points have been exhausted. It could also occur for provisional drivers who exceed their passenger limit beyond the 11pm mark, seat belt violations, uncovered loads or driving with unregistered vehicles.

Final Summary

If a client feels strongly enough that a case must be fought when the authorities are handing out a punishment, then this is the opportune time to call upon a traffic lawyer in Melbourne. They can only work with the facts that they can obtain, but given their years of experience, resources within the firm and expertise to handle all of the intricate details, the client can be positioned to have their best case put before a court.


If you are caught red handed running through a red light or venturing beyond a stop sign, then it is just a matter of either accepting the terms or advocating for more lenient ones if you decide that an attorney is worthy of the investment.