Family Law

Family law issues are highly personal. It can be difficult to know how to proceed amid the emotional turmoil and stress. The family law lawyer you choose should be trustworthy, experienced and attentive to your concerns.

We always want to find the path that makes the most sense for a particular client. Some clients are unsure what their options are. Others may want to pursue mediation to avoid a court battle. For some, litigation is the best route to their goals. We have helped in all of these situations. Part of our job is to find the solution you need to reach your goals, so we will always listen to your input.

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At Ridoutly On Law, our formidable global presence and multijurisdictional capabilities are unmatched. To help meet your needs, we combine our presence in key financial centers and strong industry/sector knowledge with our established track record handling cross border multijurisdictional transactions and connecting work between mature and emerging markets.

We provide you with high-level sector capabilities, including one of the most renowned energy teams in the world and unparalleled strength in mining, technology, manufacturing, financial services, real estate, health care, private equity and industrials.


The definition of risk is constantly changing. Natural disasters, terrorism, economic meltdowns and the threat of pandemics are all risks that increasingly affect the entire world. Add legislative reform and more regulations on a local and global level to the mix, and companies today find themselves under enormous pressure.

You need lawyers who know your business and know how to mitigate your exposure. From dealing with consumers and competitors to meeting your regulatory commitments, oUR partners with you to help you manage your own risk. We can also drive mediation, arbitration and litigation.


Businesses around the globe value intellectual property and technology services. These services allow maximum efficiency for companies, providing their customers with their own unique services. In perpetual motion, players must create innovative products and services to feed constant and escalating market demand. Everyone from the developer to the user has an enormous amount invested in products. In this high-stakes environment, you need protection for your original work. This requires a partner with extensive knowledge of different solutions who can choose the best legal remedy.


You know that a criminal conviction can derail your life. You know you don’t want to end up in prison or forced to pay enormously expensive fines. But what you may not know is where to turn for the skilled legal help you need.

Turn to Ridoutly On Law. Our criminal defense team zealously and professionally represents individuals facing criminal charges in New London and throughout Connecticut.


If you are facing drug charges, your future, your career and your freedom are all at risk. Now is the time to work with a criminal defense attorney who can help you protect your rights and interests.

Whether you have been accused of possessing marijuana, illegally selling prescription drugs or trafficking cocaine, you can count on our attorneys to help you resolve your case in the most favorable possible way.