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The 5 Implicit Reasons To Opt For A Migration Lawyer In Your Journey To Citizenship

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Ask any expat or immigrant that comes to Australia if they want to stay, the answer is typically a resounding yes. The issue resides in the sheer amount of paperwork, hoops to navigate, and the overall time it typically takes to get the affairs in order and for citizenship to be granted. Even those who struggle with gaining permanent residency have a laundry list of annoyances, approvals, and red tape to get through.

As there is so much that needs to be organised and to the letter for this dream to become a reality, more and more expats are choosing a migration lawyer for their needs. A migration lawyer is more useful than people seem to realise, as the ones who opt to tackle the various bureaucratic headaches themselves tend to run around in circles for longer than is needed.

A good migration lawyer is more than a simple solicitor, they tend to offer a branch of support and unexpected benefits for the people they represent, especially when it comes to matters of citizenship and visa applications, both of which are often necessitating an expert eye, and precision in language and processing.

1.   Expertise

Of course, we cannot have a list of the benefits of a good migration lawyer without discussing the relevant and expert advice they will be able to provide. This can come in many forms, from everyday advice surrounding the particular visas you may or may not be eligible for, as well as coaching you through the processes and necessary examinations that potentially manifest throughout your journey and subsequent life in Australia.

Their expertise will also lend itself to assisting you further down the line as well, as a migration lawyer who is up to date and professionally expert in the field will have a better chance at ensuring a smooth transition and overall experience with the bureaucratic side of things. 

2.   Useful Advice

migration lawyer talking to a client over the phone

Having a migration lawyer that is an expert in their field is one vital aspect, couple that with their ability to give sage advice to those who are still familiarizing themselves with the cultural shift and you have a bona fide reason for their utility. The main difference between a migration lawyer and a typical solicitor is with their overall experience, offering more weighted advice surrounding visas, applications, and realistic expectations.

3.   Faster Turnaround

Ask anyone who has gone through the various processes for visas or residency, and they’ll all say the same thing – it takes time. The amount of time depends entirely on the case of course, but more often than not, a migration lawyer has a knack for understanding when and where to send applications and follow-up on processes. This not only ensures that the documents are being sent quickly, but also correctly.

4.   Assistance With Documentation Procedure

Speaking of documents, it can be a convoluted and confusing affair to deal with Australian immigration services, especially when it comes to matters of paperwork and submission. A migration lawyer is tailor-made for these situations as they have the necessary experience and kn0owhow to adequately strategise and organise the correct forms that will be needed to proceed in any given case.

5.   Easier Pathway To Citizenship

Finally, these specialised solicitors will always ensure their clients have a focused and robust pathway to citizenship, which is of course the main goal for many people looking to pursue the Australian dream. Having the careful eye and expertise of an expert can certainly make all the difference in securing a place for the future.