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Traits You Should Have To Become A Family Lawyer In Sydney


Family lawyers can often face difficult situations that require them to work hard in order to achieve the best results. Being a lawyer in itself requires a set of traits that allow you to push on in the face of adversity as well as work hard no matter what. In family law, many families are in an emotionally charged situation and tensions can be high. A family lawyer in Sydney must also be able to act neutral and as a mediator between the involved parties to ensure that the fairest outcome is achieved, as well as not letting their emotions get the better of them. Being constantly exposed to high stress and emotional situations can put a damper on anyone, and a family lawyer must be able to ignore this and continue to act professionally and do their job well.

Being a family lawyer in Sydney is not for everyone, and you will need a certain set of traits to be able to succeed in this field.

Here are some of the traits you should have to become a family lawyer in Sydney.


Determination is a good trait to have regardless of your occupation, however it is exceptionally helpful when in difficult jobs such as being a lawyer.

Often times, there will be situations that seem overly difficult, and you may be swamped with work. Being able to relax, organise and push through your work regardless of the situation is an honourable trait to have and will allow you to succeed in this field. Many jobs, especially law, is characterised by high amounts of paperwork. This can be annoying and overwhelming for many and you will need the determination to push through the mountains of documents that come with being a lawyer. Sometimes you may have cases that seem hopeless, and you will need determination in order to do your very best to achieve the best possible outcome for the parties involved.

Empathetic but not too much

Whilst it is important to be able to empathise with client’s situations, you must also be able to maintain a neutral stance. There will be many times where one party may pressure you to believe that they are in the right and the other is in the wrong, however you must still act professional and ensure that both parties receive their fair share of divisions. These situations will often be high in emotions, and you have to be able to ignore the emotion you may feel and act professional regardless of what is being told to you or what is happening.

For many people, this can be difficult. Humans will naturally want to empathise with people around them and this can cause decisions to be made which are not fair to the other party. As a lawyer, this is truer than ever, as these situations can often be troubling and take a toll on the emotions.

It is natural to want to empathise with the clients, but you must remain neutral and simply do your job.


Client consulting to a family lawyer in Sydney

Because this job can often be emotionally heavy and stressful, you must have a passion for what you do to be able to survive. Those who are not passionate will often burn out and will not be able to take the stress and emotional toll of the job. Passion can override these feelings and will help you to continue to do your job as a professional family lawyer in Sydney.

In summary, a family lawyer in Sydney must have empathy but not too much, passion and determination to succeed in this field. These personal traits are helpful for nearly every occupation, however they are especially helpful in the family law field.