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What To Expect From Family Court In Sydney?


If you need to attend family court in Sydney then it’s not unusual to feel a little intimidated by it. In a lot of ways, the courtroom is designed to make you feel that way. It’s a little bit intimidating, most people usually ends up needing to go to family court in Sydney because they need to get a divorce or because they need to work out custody issues or financial consent orders. 

A lot of the time you will find that there are alternatives to attending family court in Sydney, so long as you are willing to reach agreements with your ex-partner. If you can’t come to agreements with your ex-partner then you’ll probably find yourself in family court in Sydney.

Making a custody agreement

If you are trying to make parenting arrangements then you’ll usually need to go to family court in Sydney. Going into the courtroom over an issue can potentially be quite time-consuming and can be stressful for everyone involved so it’s helpful to understand the process.

What to expect

Couple filing for divorce

If you’re planning to go to family court in Sydney then you’ll be expected to show that you’ve made efforts to resolve your matter before you went to court. If you can’t come to an agreement about how you’re going to care for your children, then you’ll usually be asked to attend mediation sessions before you go to family court in Sydney. In some cases, such as when domestic violence is an issue, this may not be appropriate. If you feel mediation is not right for your circumstances, you should seek advice from a lawyer. If you only have arrangements to make around your property and assets then you won’t need to attend dispute resolution but you will likely still be expected to attend mediation before you go to the courtroom. 

You should understand that dealing with issues in the courtroom can be expensive and is can also result in outcomes that you don’t necessarily agree with. Applying to the courtroom for and order generally should be the last thing you do.

If you’re going to family court in Sydney in order to get a divorce then you’ll be able to apply without having to go through dispute resolution. It’s important that you make a filing with a courtroom that is the best place to deal with your issue. There are a lot of different types and it can be confusing if you’re doing it for the first time so it’s a good idea to seek legal advice.

Contacting courtrooms

If you need to get into contact with your local courtroom to ask questions then most can usually be reached through the national enquiry centre which can connect you with them via telephone or email. If you have any general enquiries the national enquiry centre can also usually provide you with advice and information in regards to the courtrooms and community support services.


There are fees associated with applying to the courtroom and you will be responsible for the costs involved. Most information about the costs is available online depending on the courtroom you’re applying to.  In addition to filing fees, you’ll also usually need to pay the cost of your lawyer’s fees, unless you’re representing yourself. It’s a good idea to get some advice from your legal representative in regards to how much you should expect it to cost to go to court. 

If you’re not able to afford it there are supports available. Seek advice from the national enquiry centre or your legal adviser.