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Founded in 1967, Laurel Legal Services is the sole provider of free civil legal services in six counties within Southwestern Pennsylvania. Laurel Legal strives to deliver high quality legal services to the vulnerable in our community. For individuals who are poverty stricken, we provide extended representation, within program priorities, in local court matters such as housing issues including landlord tenant disputes and mortgage foreclosure prevention, SSI appeals, Unemployment Compensation and Guardianship issues. We also provide legal advice to individuals as “brief services.” LLS assists victims of domestic violence in Protection from Abuse actions without regard to income.



Family law issues are highly personal. It can be difficult to know how to proceed amid the emotional turmoil and stress. The family law lawyer you choose should be experienced.


Ridoutly On Law Group is distinguished by our position as one of the very few global legal teams that is “in and of the community”— if not the only one that is truly so.


The definition of risk is constantly changing. Natural disasters, terrorism, economic meltdowns and the threat of pandemics are all risks that increasingly affect the entire world.


Businesses around the globe value intellectual property and technology services. These services allow maximum efficiency for companies, providing their customers with their own unique services.


You know that a criminal conviction can derail your life. You know you don’t want to end up in prison or forced to pay enormously expensive fines. We can help you combat felonies, misdemeanors and infractions.


If you are facing drug charges, your future, your career and your freedom are all at risk. Now is the time to work with a criminal defense attorney who can help you protect your rights and interests.


Practical Law is an online legal know how service. It provides rigorous peer reviewed resources, such as practice notes, current awareness and standard documents to help you work smarter and advise with confidence.

  • To advise confidently in unfamiliar jurisdictions, including across borders, with the use of practice guides and overviews
  • To gain instant fingertip access to practical online know how resources, freeing up time to provide more highly-valued advice


Resources are continually maintained following changes in law and practice, subject to rigorous peer review and published with complete transparency, so you can always see when it was last updated and how.

Our quality starts with our people. Our editorial team of more than 300 experts have significant practice experience gained in law firms, companies and organisations around the world. Working closely with top law firms worldwide, they ensure all resources reflect current law and market practice. The team liaise regularly with our consultation boards and our contributors, all practising lawyers and leaders in their fields.